Policies Towards Full Employment

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19 Apr 2000
9789264181632 (PDF) ;9789264176614(print)

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As we embark on a new century, some 33 million people are out of work in the OECD area. Policies to increase employment have topped most countries' domestic political agendas in the past decade. And employment and unemployment are likely to remain major economic and social challenges for many countries in the years to come. This book presents the proceedings of a conference on labour markets which was organised by the Ministries of Labour and Finance of Finland, with the support of the OECD and the European Commission. It advances thinking on new policy measures, such as active labour market policies and measures to "make work pay" and focuses on specific experiences in a few individual countries, namely the United States, Japan, Finland and Denmark. It includes papers from politicians, high level officials from the European Commission and the OECD Secretariat, social partners and prominent representatives from the academic community. Proceedings of the Helsinki Conference, January 2000.

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Table of Contents

Part 1. Opening Session
-A Comprehensive Strategy Works: Finland's Experience in the 1990s by Paavo Lipponen
-Europe's Employment and Social Challenge: Competitiveness and Cohesion by anna Diamantopoulou
Part 2. Assessing International Strategies
-Putting Europe to Work by Allan Larsson
-Implementing the OECD Jobs Strategy: Assessing Performance and Policy by Jorgen Elmeskov
-A Comment by Edmond Malinvaud
Part 3. Experiences in Selected Countries
-Neither Too Hot nor Too Cold: The US Economy in the 1990s by Robert J. Gordon
-The Japanese Employment System in the 1990s by Tsutomu Tanaka
-The Finnish Experience in the 1990s by Pertti Sorsa
Part 4. Making Work Pay
-Tax Policy, Unemployment Benefits, and Structural Unemployment by Martii Hetemaki
--A Comment by Jan Horst Schmidt
-Employment Promotion and Transfer Payments byGeorg Fischer and Manuel Sanchis i Marco
-What Do We Know about Policies to Make Work Pay? An Overview by Mark Pearson and Stefano Scarpetta
--A Comment by Tor Eriksson
Part 5. Preventive Approaches Against Labour Market Exclusion
-Removing Barriers to Employment for Groups at the Margin of the Labour Market by Markku Lehto
-Active and Preventive Approachesa: A Note Based on the Recent Danish Experience by Per Callesen
--A Comment by David Stanton
Part 6. Active Labour Market Policies
-Active Labour Market Policies: Continuity and Change by Juhani Lonnroth
-What Works among Active Labour Market Policies: Evidence from OECD Countries' Experiences by John Martin

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