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The primary sector which - in this case - comprises agriculture and forestry only accounts for a small part of total employment in the Nordic Region. However, the sector indirectly forms the basis for a considerable part of production and employment. This is partly due to the fact that products from agriculture and forestry are used as raw materials in manufacturing in other industries. And partly due to the fact that the capital-intensive primary sector requires many goods and services from other sectors, for example agricultural machinery, wood-cutting equipment etc., as well as maintenance and services incidental to this machinery and equipment. For more information:

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Nordic Council of Ministers

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This indicator shows employment in agriculture in per cent of total employment in the Nordic region. Data covers all persons engaged in some productive activity (within the production boundary of the national accounts). Employed persons are either employees (working by agreement for another resident unit and receiving renumeration) or self-employed (owners of unincorporated enterprises). No defined age-group. Economic activity: defined according to the statistical classification of economic activities in the European Community, revision 2 (NACE Rev. 2). The annual national accounts are compiled according to the European System of Accounts 1995 (ESA 1995). For more information:

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