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The Productivity Statistics database includes indicators on labour productivity, multi-factor productivity (MFP) and capital services. It also includes OECD estimates of labour productivity levels and a breakdown of gross domestic product (GDP) per capita in its components. Data are internationally comparable.

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Keywords:  multi-factor productivity, MFP, labour productivity, productivity, statistics, capital services

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This dataset includes indicators on labour productivity levels in terms of gross domestic product (GDP) and hours worked. Productivity and income estimates presented in this dataset are mainly based on GDP, population and employment data from the National Accounts of OECD countries. Hours worked are sourced from the National Accounts of OECD countries, the OECD Employment Outlook and national sources. Estimates of productivity levels and GDP per capita permit the comparison of standards of living and underlying factors across countries. Data are presented as annual datapoints from 1970 onwards.

Keywords:  productivity, hours worked, labour, per capita
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