Labour Market Statistics

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This database includes indicators and indices on labour market by sex and proportion of age group, full-time and part-time employment, employment by permanency of the job, economic short time workers and involuntary part time workers
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Keywords:  labour, labour market, statistics, employment

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1976 onwards

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This table contains data on economic short-time workers by professional status (employees or total employment). Economic short-time workers comprise workers who are working less than usual due to business slack, plant stoppage, or technical reasons. However, the definitions are not harmonised which hampers the comparison across countries. Data are broken down professional status - employees, total employment - by sex and by standardised age groups (15-24, 25-54, 55+, total).Data are available starting from 1976.

Also available in French
Keywords:  statistics, employees, short-time workers, labour force, dependent employment, total employment, professional status
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