University Research in Transition

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Publication Date :
14 Sep 1999
Pages :
9789264166929 (PDF) ; 9789264160309 (print)

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Universities are key elements in the science systems in all OECD countries. However, university research in OECD countries is currently the object of considerable tensions in a context of globalisation, reduced budgets and a changing interface with industry. How can universities adapt to this new order? How can the potential of university research best be enhanced?

This study surveys these issues, consolidating the most up-to-date data on resources and structures of research activities in higher education systems and providing illustrative examples of institutional adaptations. It discusses related government measures and formulates policy orientations to enable countries to rise to the challenges of the coming years.

Table of Contents

I. Higher Education and the Research Mission
II. University Research in National R&D Efforts
III. The Changing Finance of University Research
IV. The Changing Institutional Context of Research
V. Internationalisation of University Research
VI. Trends in Researcher Training
VII. Selected Policy Considerations
Annex 1 Figures and Tables
Annex 2 Group on the Sceince System: List of Delegates