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This series is designed to make available to a wider readership selected studies drawing on the work of the OECD Directorate for Education. Authorship is usually collective, but principal writers are named. The papers are generally available only in their original language (English or French) with a short summary available in the other.

United in Diversity: A Complexity Perspective on the Role of Attainment Targets in Quality Assurance in Flanders You or your institution have access to this content

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Rien Rouw, Marc Fuster1, Tracey Burns1, Marlon Brandt
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  • 1: OECD, France

07 Sep 2016
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This case study explores the role of attainment targets as a means of systemic quality assurance in Flanders (Belgium), an education system whose governance structures and processes are characterised by high decentralisation and the participation of multiple actors. The analysis identifies a number of key issues in the design and implementation of the attainment targets, such as difficulties in creating a common understanding and participatory governance not leading automatically to teacher ownership of the attainment targets. Three processes that were particularly challenging included the deployment of a whole-of-system approach for implementation, capacity building and the creation of a culture of evaluation. For the future, it is essential to open up participation processes to a broad range of stakeholders. Furthermore, key stakeholders should join forces in setting a shared agenda, creating momentum in implementation and raising capacity across the system, especially in new modes of teaching and assessment.
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