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CELE Exchange, formerly PEB Exchange, is the journal of the OECD Centre for Effective Learning Environments (CELE). It addresses issues related to providing a quality educational infrastructure in a cost-effective way. Innovative and environmentally sustainable design, asset management, school safety, and campus development are some of the themes covered.

CELE Exchange informs its readers – educators, policy makers, architects, managers and others concerned with schools and universities – of international events, recent publications and research, member countries' experiences and OECD activities promoting the efficient planning and management of educational facilities.

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The Impact of School Design on Academic Achievement in The Palestinian Territories

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Mohammed Matar1, Imad Brighith2
Author Affiliations
  • 1: Assessment and Evaluation Center, Palestinian Authority

  • 2: Directorate General of School Buildings, Palestinian Authority

01 Apr 2010
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A recent research project aimed to gather first-hand data from school users as well as academic performance data from pupils. Researchers compared data obtained from users of new and site-specific schools to that of "standard" ones in order to show whether more attractive and site-specific designs have a positive effect on learning.
Also available in French
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