Starting Strong

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This series of reports provides valid, timely and comparable international information on early childhood education and care. It aims to support countries in reviewing and redesigning policies to improve their early childhood services and systems. The series includes thematic reports on key policy areas, reviews of individual country policies and practices, as well as key indicators on early childhood education and care.

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Starting Strong II

Starting Strong II

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14 Sep 2006
9789264035461 (PDF) ;9789264035454(print)

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This review of early childhood education and care (ECEC) in twenty OECD countries describes the social, economic, conceptual and research factors that influence early childhood policy. These include increasing women’s labour market participation; reconciling work and family responsibilities on a more equitable basis for women; confronting the demographic challenges faced by OECD countries; and in particular, addressing issues of access, quality, diversity, child poverty and educational disadvantage.  Starting Strong II outlines the progress made by the participating countries in responding to the key aspects of successful ECEC policy outlined in the previous volume, Starting Strong (OECD, 2001). It offers many examples of new policy initiatives adopted in the ECEC field. In their conclusion, the authors identify ten policy areas for further critical attention from governments. The book also presents country profiles, which give an overview of ECEC systems in all 20 participating countries.
Also available in French, Korean
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Table of Contents

Executive Summary
Chapter 1. Why Countries Invest in Early Childhood Education and Care
Chapter 2. A Systemic and Integrated Approach to Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) Policy.
Chapter 3. A Strong and Equal Partnership with the Education System
Chapter 4. A Universal Approach to Access, with Particular Attention to Children in Need of Special Support.
Chapter 5. Substantial Public Investment in Services and the Infrastructure.
Chapter 6. A Participatory Approach to Quality Improvement and Assurance.
Chapter 7. Appropriate Training and Working Conditions for Early Childhood Education and Care Staff
Chapter 8. Systematic Attention to Data Collection and Monitoring
Chapter 9. A Stable Framework and Long-Term Agenda for Research and Evaluation
Chapter 10. Concluding Policy Observations
Annex A. Terminology Used in the Report
Annex B. The Scope and Methodology of the ECEC Review
Annex C. Data for Figures.
Annex D. A Summary of International Evidence in Favour of Public Investment in ECEC
Annex E. Country Profiles: An Overview of ECEC Systems in the Participating Countries
Annex F. Members of Review Teams.

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