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A series of reports on the OECD’s Programme for International Student Assessment’s (PISA) periodic testing program on student performance. The reports generally compare student (15 year olds) academic performance across countries, or discuss the methodology used to gather the data.

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School Factors Related to Quality and Equity

School Factors Related to Quality and Equity

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14 Apr 2005
9789264008199 (PDF) ;9789264008182(print)

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Based on the survey results of OECD's PISA 2000 programme, this report looks at: the extent to which the schools that students attend make a difference in performance; the relative impact of school climate, school policies and school resources on quality and equity; the relationship between the structure of education systems and educational quality and equity; and the effect of decentralisation and privatisation to school performance.  It concludes with a summary of how school factors relate to quality and equity, and the implications for policy.  The analysis and data cover almost all OECD countries and 14 additional non-OECD countries.
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Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Quality and Equity in Education
Reader's Guide
Chapter 2. How Much Do Schools Contribute to Quality and Equity in Student Performance?
Chapter 3. The Relative Impact of School Climate, School Policies, and School Resources on Quality and Equity
Chapter 4. The Structure of Education Systems and Quality and Equity in Student Performance
Chapter 5. Decentralised Decision Making, Privatisation, and Student Performance
Chapter 6. A Summary of Main Results and the Implications for Educational Policy
Annex A. The PISA 2000 Database, the Variables Included in and Excluded from the Analyses, and the Methodology Used
Annex B. Data Tables
Annex C. The Development of the PISAThematic Report - A Collaborative Effort

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