Reviews of National Policies for Education

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Reviews of National Policies for Education offer customised, in-depth analysis and advice to assist policy makers in developing and implementing education policy. Individual reviews can focus on a specific policy area, a particular level of education or a country’s entire education system. These reviews are conducted at the request of the country concerned.

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Reviews of National Policies for Education: Scotland 2007

Reviews of National Policies for Education: Scotland 2007

Quality and Equity of Schooling in Scotland You do not have access to this content

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04 Mar 2008
9789264041004 (PDF) ;9789264040991(print)

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Scotland consistently performs at a very high standard in OECD’s Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) and has one of the most equitable school systems in the OECD. This review examines the strengths of Scotland’s schools and the challenges they face in securing high standards for all children. One major challenge is an achievement gap that opens up late in primary education and widens through junior secondary years: children from poorer backgrounds are more likely than others to under-achieve. A second challenge for Scotland is to achieve broader and more successful participation in upper secondary education and greater equity in higher education. The review assesses the performance of Scottish schools, using PISA findings and national test and examination results. It also examines educational reforms in Scotland in the light of reforms in countries facing similar challenges.
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Table of Contents

Executive Summary
1. Introduction
2. Strengths of the Scottish School System
3. The Comparative Performance of Scottish Schools
4. The Achievement Gap in Scottish School Education
5. Staying at School, Building on School
6. Reforming the Curriculum
7. Going Forward
Annex 1. Terms of Reference for the Review of Education in Scotland
Annex 2. Programme for the visit to Scotland by the OECD Review Team, 12-22 March 2007
Annex 3. The OECD Review Team

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