Reviews of National Policies for Education

1990-0198 (online)
1563-4914 (print)
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Reviews of National Policies for Education offer customised, in-depth analysis and advice to assist policy makers in developing and implementing education policy. Individual reviews can focus on a specific policy area, a particular level of education or a country’s entire education system. These reviews are conducted at the request of the country concerned.

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Reviews of National Policies for Education: Polytechnic Education in Finland 2003

Reviews of National Policies for Education: Polytechnic Education in Finland 2003 You do not have access to this content

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26 May 2003
9789264199408 (PDF) ;9789264199392(print)

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In the early 1990s, in the midst of a major economic slump, the Finnish government embarked on a strategy to re-mold Finland into a knowledge society. This report prepared for the OECD by an independent group of experts raises issues of fees for higher education, examines strategies for internationalisation of higher education, addresses issues of governance and accountability in higher education and offers advice on how the new system could be strengthened further.

Also available in French
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Table of Contents

Part I. Background Report
Chapter 1. Finland in Brief
Chapter 2. Education System and Policy
Chapter 3. The Polytechnic Reform Process
Chapter 4. The Polytechnic System
Chapter 5. Outcomes of the Polytechnic Reform
Chapter 6. Regional Role of the Polytechnics
Chapter 7. Development Trends and Challenges
Part II. Examiners' Report
Executive Summary
Chapter 8. Introduction
Chapter 9. Polytechnics in Context
Chapter 10. The AMKs: An Assessment of Reforms to Date
Chapter 11. The Future Scale and Structure of the Higher Education System
Chapter 12. Key Elements of Policy for the Polytechnic Sector
Chapter 13. Contingencies, Risks, and Threats

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