Reviews of National Policies for Education

1990-0198 (online)
1563-4914 (print)
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Reviews of National Policies for Education offer customised, in-depth analysis and advice to assist policy makers in developing and implementing education policy. Individual reviews can focus on a specific policy area, a particular level of education or a country’s entire education system. These reviews are conducted at the request of the country concerned.

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Reviews of National Policies for Education: Lithuania 2002

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14 Feb 2002
9789264193475 (PDF) ;9789264187177(print)

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Reform of education, training and human resource development is an integral part of the transition to a democratic society and market economy. Lithuania has made progress in all these areas since reform began in 1990. The challenge for the Ministry of Education and Science has been to promote and support changes that meet the needs of the new economy and society as well as the interests of all young people and adults, in the face of a shortage of financial and human resources.

This book first gives a brief overview of regional issues and a history of education in Lithuania and describes the development of education in the country since the political changes. It then presents an analysis of the entire education system and identifies key directions for the reinforcement of the reforms in light of the challenges encountered by officials, communities, enterprises, educators, parents and students under very dynamic conditions. It concludes with a set of key recommendations of goals of education, learning effectiveness, outcomes and the curriculum, management and governance for flexibility, responsiveness and change and, resources and financing. This review will be very useful to both Lithuanian professionals and their international counterparts.

Also available in French
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Table of Contents

Overview of Education Policy Reviews of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania
Chapter 1. Context
Chapter 2. Lithuanian Education System: An Overview
Chapter 3. Pre-School, Compulsory, and General Education
-A. Schools, Governance, and Finance
-B. Curriculum, Standards, and Assessment in General Education
-C. Financing and Management of Compulsory and General Education
Chapter 4. Vocational Education and Training
Chapter 5. Adult Education
Chapter 6. Social Inclusion: Access, Equity, and Special Needs
-A. Access, Equity, and Social Issues
-B. Special Needs Provision in Lithuania
Chapter 7. The System of Higher Education
Chapter 8. Future Challenges and Sustaining Reform

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