OECD Survey of Upper Secondary Schools

OECD Survey of Upper Secondary Schools

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05 Apr 2004
9789264105737 (PDF) ;9789264105720(print)

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The International Survey of Upper Secondary Schools (ISUSS) was established to determine how successful upper secondary schools are in preparing young adults for life.  It investigates key factors which shape the success of upper secondary students' learning.  This publication describes the methodology of the survey and allows researchers to understand and replicate its analyses.

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Table of Contents

Part I. The International Survey of Upper Secondary Schools
-History of the ISUSS Project
-Management of the ISUSS Project
-Coverage of Educational Programmes in ISUSS
-Countries Participating in ISUSS
-Design of the Survey
-ISUSS Questionnaire
-Sampling Procedures
-Weighting Procedures
Part II. The Data Collection
-Data Flow
-Data Entry by the National Project Managers
-Data Cleaning
-Standardisation of the International Database
Part III. The ISUSS International Database
-The ISUSS Database in ACCESS Format
-The ISUSS Database in SPSS Format
-Identification of Countries, Schools, and Programmes
-Missing Data
-Recoding of Some Variables
-Derived Variables
-Development and Contents of Indices and Other Derived Measures
-SPSS Programmes
Annex 1. The "School and Program" Questionnaire
Annex 2. List of Upper Secondary Programmes included in the ISUSS Survey
Annex 3. Sampling Forms
Annex 4. Codebook
Annex 5. List of Tables Published in "Completing the Foundation for Lifelong Learning: An OECD Survey of Upper Secondary Schools"
Annex 6. Glossary

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