OECD Reviews of Migrant Education

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This series of reviews, some on specific countries and some on specific issues related to migrant education, examine best practices and make recommendations.

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OECD Reviews of Migrant Education: Austria 2010

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Deborah Nusche, Claire Shewbridge, Christian Lamhauge Rasmussen
21 Apr 2010
9789264086180 (PDF)

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OECD's comprehensive review of migrant education in Austria. It finds that compared to their native Austrian peers, immigrant students, on average, have weaker education outcomes at all levels of education. Austria has introduced measures to promote equity and support the language development of immigrant students in German and their mother tongues. There is scope to improve the quality of the educational and language support offered in early childhood education and care; strengthen and structure the language support offered in compulsory education; provide diversity training to teachers and school leaders; and reinforce co-operation between schools and immigrant parents and communities. For migrant education policies to be effective and sustainable, it is essential to clarify responsibilities for implementation of national strategies and ensure that the different levels of education co-operate; increase the inclusiveness of the education system by overcoming the early sorting of students; and further develop the culture of evaluation in the education system to monitor student progress.
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