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Understanding teachers' pedagogical knowledge
1993-9019 (online)
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This series is designed to make available to a wider readership selected studies drawing on the work of the OECD Directorate for Education. Authorship is usually collective, but principal writers are named. The papers are generally available only in their original language (English or French) with a short summary available in the other.
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  N° 5   09 June 2006
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PISA 2000
Erich Neuwirth
As noted in the OECD's PISA 2000 Technical Report (OECD, 2002), the Austrian sample for the PISA 2000 assessment did not adequately cover students enrolled in combined school and work-based vocational programmes as required by the OECD's technical...
  N° 4   16 Dec 2005
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Measuring Educational Productivity in Standards-Based Accountability Systems
Martin Hampel
For many years the school system in the United States has measured success by the number of dollars spent, computers and textbooks purchased, and programs created. Moreover, the measures of success have not focused on academic achievement. Since...
  N° 3   30 Sep 2003
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The Role of National Qualifications Systems in Promoting Lifelong Learning
Friederike Behringer, Mike Coles
The aim of the OECD activity The Role of National Qualifications Systems in Promoting Lifelong Learning is to investigate how qualifications systems influence the volume, distribution and quality of lifelong learning. This paper takes forward...
  N° 2   20 Dec 2002
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Teacher Education and the Teaching Career in an Era of Lifelong Learning
John Coolahan
This paper attempts to position the teaching career within the context of the changing policy paradigm of lifelong learning. The paper locates the emergence of this policy within some of the fundamental social and economic changes which are...
  N° 1   20 Dec 2002
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Teacher Demand and Supply
Paulo Santiago
This paper provides an extensive review of the most relevant issues involved in the management of teacher demand and supply at the pre-tertiary level. First, it proposes a conceptual framework for distinguishing among, defining and relating the...
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