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15 Mar 2000
9789264181427 (PDF) ;9789264170216(print)

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It is now widely agreed that learning is pivotal in the "knowledge societies" of today and, still more, of tomorrow. It is also widely agreed that schools have a key role to play in laying the foundations for lifelong learning for all of us. But, how well are these aims being met? How innovative are schools as institutions? And what are some of the most promising examples across OECD countries from which we can learn?

This volume addresses these questions, drawing on a major OECD/Japan conference which was held in Hiroshima and attended by experts from 24 countries and a "virtual" conference conducted in parallel. It presents key trends and policy challenges regarding schools for today and tomorrow, from European traditions across to the different perspectives of the Asia-Pacific region, with a particular focus on Japan. Alongside expert chapters are the innovative schools themselves, with examples taken and synthesised from many of the countries that attended the Hiroshima conference. The volume addresses issues of curriculum, innovation and the achievement of lifelong learning in the schools of tomorrow.

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Table of Contents

-Introduction: Schooling for Tomorrow and Lifelong Learning by David Istance
Part I. Historical Lessons and Future Perspectives
Chapter 1. Constructing the School Curriculum for the Global Society by Kerry J. Kennedy
-Chapter 2. Invariants and Change in Schools and Education Systems by Walo Hutmacher
Part II. Innovation and Change
Chapter 3. Schools and the Future: The Key Role of Innovation by David H. Hargreaves
-Chapter 4. Innovation in Education: Managing the Future? by Francoise Cros
Part III. Policies and Perspectives from Japan
Chapter 5. Japanese Educational Reform: Towards the 21st Century by Tomiji Sugawa
-Chapter 6. The Caring Flexible School for Tomorrow by Akira Ninomiya
Rapporteur's Conclusions by Donald Hirsch
Appendix: International Examples of Innovative Schools: A Synthesis

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