OECD Reviews of Migrant Education

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This series of reviews, some on specific countries and some on specific issues related to migrant education, examine best practices and make recommendations.

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Immigrant Students at School

Immigrant Students at School

Easing the Journey towards Integration You do not have access to this content

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17 Dec 2015
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How school systems respond to immigration has an enormous impact on the economic and social well-being of all members of the communities they serve, whether they have an immigrant background or not. Immigrant Students at School: Easing the Journey towards Integration reveals some of the difficulties immigrant students encounter – and some of the contributions they offer – as they settle into their new communities and new schools.

Results from the OECD Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) indicate that students with an immigrant background tend to perform worse in school than students without an immigrant background. Several factors are associated with this disparity, including the concentration of disadvantage in the schools immigrant students attend, language barriers and certain school policies, like grade repetition and tracking, that can hinder immigrant students’ progress through school.

But successful integration is measured in more than academic achievement; immigrant students’ well-being and hopes for the future are just as telling. This report examines not only immigrant students’ aspirations and sense of belonging at school, but also recent trends in Europeans’ receptiveness to welcoming immigrants into their own countries – the context that could make all the difference in how well immigrant students integrate into their new communities. The report includes a special section on refugees and education, and an extensive discussion on education policy responses to immigration.

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Table of Contents

Executive summary
Chapter 1. Recent trends in immigration and education
Chapter 2. Immigrant students’ performance and sense of belonging at school
Chapter 3. Attitudes towards immigrants
Chapter 4. Factors linked to low performance among immigrant students
Chapter 5. Aspirations of immigrant parents and children
Chapter 6. Education policies to help integrate immigrant students
Annex A

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