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Leadership for 21st Century Learning
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    04 Dec 2013 Click to Access:  Leadership for 21st Century Learning
This book clarifies the concepts and the dimensions of "learning leadership", relating it to extensive international research and identifying promising strategies to promote it.
    25 Sep 2013 Click to Access:  Innovative Learning Environments
This report presents a wealth of international material and features a new framework for understanding innovative learning environments.
    14 June 2013 Click to Access:  Art for Art's Sake?
Ellen Winner, Thalia R. Goldstein, Stéphan Vincent-Lancrin
Arts education is often said to be a means of developing critical and creative thinking. This report examines the state of empirical knowledge about the impact of arts education on these kinds of outcomes.
    23 July 2012 Click to Access:  Connected Minds
This book contributes to the debate about the effects of technology attachment and connectedness on today’s learners, and their expectations about teaching.
    24 Apr 2012 Click to Access:  Languages in a Global World
This book examines the links between globalisation and the way we teach and learn languages.
    04 Oct 2010 Click to Access:  Inspired by Technology, Driven by Pedagogy
This report highlights key issues to facilitate understanding of how a systemic approach to technology-based school innovations can contribute to quality education for all while promoting a more equal and effective education system.
    17 Sep 2010 Click to Access:  Improving Health and Social Cohesion through Education
This report addresses challenges in assessing the social outcomes of learning by providing a synthesis of the existing evidence, original data analyses and policy discussions.
    09 Aug 2010 Click to Access:  The Nature of Learning
This book brings together the lessons of research on both the nature of learning and different educational applications, and it summarises these as seven key concluding principles.
    11 Mar 2010 Click to Access:  Are the New Millennium Learners Making the Grade?
Using data from PISA 2006, this book analyzes to what extent investments in technology enhance educational outcomes. It finds that beyond access to technology, competence in using the technology is also needed for success.
    25 Feb 2010 Click to Access:  Educating Teachers for Diversity
This publication sheds light on the evidence base that can be used to redesign initial and continuing teacher education to help practitioners effectively teach diverse students.
    18 Nov 2009 Click to Access:  Higher Education to 2030, Volume 2, Globalisation
This book examines what challenges and opportunities globalisation is bringing to higher education, and as a consequence, how education might look in the future.
    10 Nov 2009 Click to Access:  Working Out Change
This book analyses systemic innovation in education by looking at the ways in which educational systems encourage innovation, the knowledge base and processes used, and the procedures and criteria used to assess progress and evaluate outcomes.
    09 Nov 2009 Click to Access:  Beyond Textbooks
This publication reviews and evaluates the process of systemic innovation in digital learning resources, assembling information on the knowledge bases and policy actors which impact each phase of this innovation process and the main factors which...
    18 Nov 2008 Click to Access:  Higher Education to 2030, Volume 1, Demography
Drawing on trend data and projections, this book takes an in-depth look at how demographic changes will affect higher education to 2030.
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