Education Today 2009
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Education Today 2009

The OECD Perspective

This book presents OECD's main messages regarding the current state of education. Organised into nine sections, this report examines early childhood, schooling, transitions beyond initial education, higher education, adult education, lifelong learning, outcomes and returns, equity, and innovation. Each section offers both key findings and orientations for policy. All sections highlight the main messages in a concise and accessible way, with reference to the original OECD sources.


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With agreement on the importance of lifelong learning in OECD and by countries, it is natural that adult participation in education and training has been a focus of statistical work and of programme and policy analysis. The international data show how, for many countries, participation in formal education remains a rare occurrence for older adults, with very wide differences between countries in engagement in non-formal organised learning. The Nordic countries are near the top of most comparisons of participation and engagement. The OECD has conducted international reviews – the most recent published in 2005 – bringing together the education and employment perspectives, of provision and policies for adult learning, with complementary studies on qualifications, ageing, and financing.
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