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These indicators present data on education resources, including: teachers' and principals' age, experience and the percentage of female staff; the number of students and staff teaching at different levels of education; staff hours spent in lesson preparation and teaching at lower secondary level; and teachers' salaries. Data are also available for public and private spending. Public spending includes both direct expenditure on educational institutions and educational subsidies to households administered by educational institutions. Private expenditure is recorded net of public subsidies that educational institutions may receive. For more information

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Keywords:  education, women, preparation, hours, teacher, principal, education at a glance, teaching, salary, private, spending, public

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  • Education spending

    Education spending covers expenditure on schools, universities and other public and private institutions delivering or supporting educational services.
  • Spending on tertiary education

    Spending on tertiary education is defined as the total expenditure on the highest level of education.
  • School principals

    School principals are defined as school leaders.
  • Teachers

    A teacher is a person whose main activity is student instruction, involving the delivery of lessons to students.
  • Teaching hours

    Teaching hours includes teaching time, the hours spent teaching a group or class of students according to the formal policy in the country; and preparation time, the hours spent preparing for teaching.
  • Teaching staff

    Teaching staff include professional personnel directly involved in teaching students and academic staff.
  • Women teachers

    Women teachers are women whose professional activity is student instruction, involving the delivery of lessons to students.
  • Teachers' salaries

    Teachers' salaries are the gross salaries of teachers, recorded at different times in their career.
  • Public spending on education

    Public spending on education includes direct expenditure on educational institutions as well as educational-related public subsidies given to households and administered by educational institutions.
  • Private spending on education

    Private spending on education refers to expenditure by private sources such as households and other private entities.
  • Number of students

    Number of students is defined as the number of enrolments at a given level of education.
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