Education and Training Policy

Transitions to Tertiary Education and Work for Youth with Disabilities
1990-1496 (online)
1990-150X (print)
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Presents a series of books on various aspects of education and training policy in OECD countries.
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    03 Aug 2012 Click to Access:  Transitions to Tertiary Education and Work for Youth with Disabilities
Serge Ebersold
This book describes pathways to tertiary education and employment for students with special educational needs. It examines options beyond upper secondary education and the facilitators or inhibitors influencing these pathways in the Czech Republic,...
    16 May 2011 Click to Access:  Inclusion of Students with Disabilities in Tertiary Education and Employment
This book examines the transition of young adults with disabilities from school to tertiary education and work.
    14 Nov 2007 Click to Access:  No More Failures
Simon Field, Malgorzata Kuczera, Beatriz Pont
No More Failures challenges the assumption that there will always be failures and dropouts, those who can’t or won’t make it in school. It provides ten concrete policy measures for reducing school failure and dropout rates.
    13 Apr 2007 Click to Access:  Qualifications Systems
After reviewing policies and practice in 15 countries, this book presents nine broad policy responses to the lifelong learning agenda that relate directly to national qualifications systems. They also identify twenty linkages between qualifications...
    12 May 2006 Click to Access:  ICT and Learning
OECD, National Center on Adult Literacy
This publication reveals a number of interesting examples of innovative programmes using ICT that can increase access to learning by out-of-school youths and adults.
    01 Sep 2005 Click to Access:  Promoting Adult Learning
The OECD Report, Promoting Adult Learning brings together key lessons from 17 OECD countries, providing evidence on the strategies in place to improve adults’ participation in learning.
    08 June 2005 Click to Access:  Teachers Matter
Teachers Matter provides a comprehensive, international analysis of trends and developments in the teacher workforce in 25 countries around the world including research on attracting, developing and retaining effective teachers.
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