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The UNESCO/OECD/EUROSTAT (UOE) database on education covers the outputs of educational institutions, the policy levers that shape educational outputs, the human and financial resources invested in education, structural characteristics of education systems, and the economic and social outcomes of education, learning and training throughout life. Data cover educational personnel, expenditure by funding source and transaction type, foreign / international students enrolled, educational attainment, graduates by age, graduates by field of education, students aligned to finance and personnel data, students enrolled by age and students enrolled by type of institution.

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Keywords:  education, statistics

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This dataset presents statistics on student enrolment by age, covering ISCED levels 0 to 6 and adult education programmes of ISCED levels 1 to 4. Data are classified by age group, participation (part-time, full-time), level of education, programme destination, gender and programme orientation.The data coverage starts from 1985.


Also available in French
Keywords:  level of education, statistics, education, enrolment by age, programme destination, programme orientation, gender, students enrolled
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