Current Issues in Chinese Higher Education

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Institutional Management in Higher Education

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11 Jan 2001
9789264188686 (PDF) ;9789264186194(print)

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As China's "open door" economic policies result in remarkably high and sustained levels of growth, demands on the skills and knowledge of its population have fundamentally changed with inevitable pressure on the education system.
This volume provides a distinct flavour of the challenges and opportunities inherent in the very fundamental reforms under way in the higher education sector in China, as seen through the eyes of some of those directly involved.

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Table of Contents

-Introduction: Changing Patterns in University Management by Thomas J. Alexander
-What is Facing Chinese Higher Education in the New Century? by Gu Mingyuan
-Academic Freedom and Academic Duty in Chinese Universities by Shen Hong
-University Autonomy in China - History, Present Situation and Perpective by Li Xiaoping
-The Theory of Transaction Cost and Choosing Appropriate Reform Models for the Higher Education Adminnistrative System in China by Yan Fengqiao
-Diversification of Sources of Funding and Innovation in Management Methods in Chinese Universities by Qi Yeguo and Chen Yukon
-The Situation of Education Funds in China and the Establishment of a Tuition Collection System for Graduate Students by Shen Yan and Du Zhiguo
-Housing Management in China's Colleges and Universities by Zhang Qiming
-How University Research and Industry Should Cooperate and Promote National Economy by Rong Yonglin
An Analysis of Innovation in Chinese Higher Education Adaptable to the New Environment by Yuan Bentao
Internationalisation: A Challenge for China's Higher Education by Zhang Xiaoming and Xu Haitao
-Modern Education from a Strategic Viewpoint and Optimisation of the Assessment System by Dai Ziaoli
-The Analysis of College and University Employment Costs in China: A Case Study of a Major Chinese University by Wan Sunyu and Wan Yan

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