Co-financing Lifelong Learning

Co-financing Lifelong Learning

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03 Nov 2004
9789264018129 (PDF) ;9789264018105(print)

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This book identifies important economic barriers to expanded investment in lifelong learning, describes outlines financial strategies for addressing them, and reviews recent experience with various co-financing schemes. It includes country-by-country reports on innovative co-financing arrangements for lifelong learning.

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Table of Contents

Executive Summary
Chapter 1. Background to the Current Debate: Economic and Financial Barriers to the Implementation of Lifelong Learning for All
Chapter 2. Goals and Features of Co-Financing Strategies Today
Chapter 3. The Current Policy Debate about a More Systemic Approach
Chapter 4. The Limits of Incremental Change: What Comes Next?
Annex 1. Conclusions of the Chair
Annex 2. Extracts from A Catalog of Recent Lifelong Learning Co-Financing Arrangements
-Spain - Basque Region
-United Kingdom
-United Kingdom - Wales
-United States

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