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Programme on Educational Building

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07 May 2006
9789264006508 (PDF) ;9789264006485(print)

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Drawing on material presented at the OECD Programme on Educational Building's conference in London on "Creating 21st Century Learning Environments," this richly illustrated book presents the latest in innovative design for schools and analyses needs for the future.  It does this through a series of thematic analyses, presentations, and school visits. The conclusions summarize planning and construction issues and make suggestions for the construction industry.

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Table of Contents

Section I. Emerging Themes
-Theme 1. The Challenge of Designing Schools in an Changing World
-Theme 2. The Impact of New Technology on School Design
-Theme 3. Increasing Access to Education through School Design
-Theme 4. Designing Sustainable, Comfortable School Buildings
-Theme 5. Involving All Stakeholders in the Design Process
-Theme 6. Educational Facilities as a Learning Tool
-Theme 7. Assuring Design Quality
Session II. Summary of Presentations
-Chris Bissel: "Classrooms of the Future" Project, United Kingdom
-Jean Bouchard: Installing a Fibre-Optic Network and Distance Learning Education Technologies in Quebec, Canada
-Andrew Bunting: Designing for Purpose, but Which Purpose?
-Paul Burke: Refurbishing Existing Schools in New Zealand
-Maurice Dandelot: Facilities for Individual Integration in Geneva
-Stephen Heppell: Once We Are "Outside the Box" Will We Still Need It?
-John Jenkins: Design Quality in Mainstream and Special Schools in the United Kingdom
-John Locke: Developing Secondary Schools to Meet the Needs of 21st Century Learners at Alfriston College, New Zealand
-Prakash Nair: Design Strategies for Tomorrow's Schools
-Pauline Nee: Transforming Existing Schools in Southwark, United Kingdom
-Mukund Patel: Emerging Themes of 21st Century Learning Environments
-Pit Li Phan: The School oas a Learning Tool in Singapore
-John Sorrell: "joinedupdesignforschools" Programme, United Kingdom
Section III. School Visits, London Area
-The Business Academay, Bexley
-The Charter School, Southwark
-City and Islington College, Center for Lifelong Learning, Finsbury Park
-Kings Avenue Primary School, Lambeth
-Kngsdale Secondary School, Southwark
-Lilian Baylis Technology School and Community Learning Resource Centre, Lambeth
-Millennium Primary School, Greenwich
-Royal Docks Community School, Newham
-St Francis of Assisi Catholic Primary School, Kensington and Chelsea
-Watergate Primary Special School, Lewisham
-Issues in Planning Tomorrow's Schools
-Considerations for Tomorrow's Design and Construction Process
-Suggestions for Tomorrow's Construction Industry
-Further Work
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