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Financial Education for Youth Click to Access:
This publication addresses the challenges linked to the introduction of financial education in schools, provides practical guidance and case studies to assist policy makers, as well as a comparative analysis of existing learning frameworks.
Managing the oversight of international branch campuses in higher education Click to Access:
Over the past two decades, many colleges and universities established physical presences in foreign countries. The development of such foreign educational outposts has meant that institutions have had to learn how to manage across geopolitical ...


Teachers' salaries Click to Access:
This table includes data on teachers' salaries. The table is part of the key tables collection on education.
PISA 2012 Results: Creative Problem Solving (Volume V) Click to Access:
This fifth volume of PISA 2012 results presents an assessment of student performance in problem solving, which measures students’ capacity to respond to non-routine situations in order to achieve their potential as constructive and reflective citizens.
How Much Are Teachers Paid and How Much Does it Matter? Click to Access:
Teachers’ salaries increased in real terms between 2000 and 2011 in virtually all OECD countries, but mostly remain below those of other tertiary-educated workers. Statutory salaries for lower secondary school teachers with 15 years of experience are 35% higher than starting salaries in OECD...

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The equivalent of more than 7 years of schooling separates the highest & lowest performers in math in a country.
Across the 24 countries that took the Survey of Adult Skills test, more than 80 million people do not possess the most basic skills needed to succeed in today’s world.