Promoting Health, Preventing Disease

Promoting Health, Preventing Disease

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29 Oct 2015
9780335262274 (PDF)

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A growing body of evidence from economic studies shows areas where appropriate policies can generate health and other benefits at an affordable cost, sometimes reducing health expenditure and helping to redress health inequalities at the same time. The evidence is especially strong for policies to curb tobacco smoking and harmful alcohol use, while gaps still exist in the evidence base on tackling unhealthy diets and lack of physical activity, as well as environmental exposures and road accidents. The book underscores the importance of taking a whole-of-government and whole-of-society approach in addressing the rising tide of non-communicable diseases.


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Part I Introduction

Introduction to the economics of health promotion and disease prevention

Franco Sassi, Sherry Merkur and David McDaid

Supporting effective and efficient policies: The role of economic analysis

David McDaid, Franco Sassi and Sherry Merkur

Measurement challenges in the economic evaluation of public health interventions

Silvia Evers, Marie-Jeanne

Aarts and Adrienne


Part II Making the economic case for tackling key risk factors to health

Curbing tobacco smoking

Joy Townsend

Tackling alcohol-related harms

Peter Anderson

Promoting physical activity

Michele Cecchini and Fiona Bull

Improving the quality of nutrition

Corinna Hawkes and Franco Sassi

Addressing environmental risks for child health

Leonardo Trasande and Zachary Brown

Preventing road-related injuries

Rob Anderson, David McDaid and A-La Park

Protecting mental health, preventing depression

Filip Smit, Pim Cuijpers, Ionela Petrea and David McDaid

Part III Broader perspectives on the economics of health promotion and disease prevention

Social determinants of health: Early childhood development and education

Marc Suhrcke and Don Kenkel

Health promotion, disease prevention and health inequalities

Cristina Hernández-Quevedo and Helen Weatherly

Part IV Translating evidence into policy

Evidence into policy: The case of public health

Michael P. Kelly and Natalie Bartle

Making an economic case for intersectoral action

David McDaid and Matthias Wismar

The economics of health promotion and disease prevention: The way forward

Sherry Merkur, David McDaid and Franco Sassi



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