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OECD Papers provides access to a collection of substantive papers not published as books or articles in other OECD series or journals. All subjects are covered, from the latest OECD research on macroeconomics and economic policies, to work in areas as varied as employment, education, environment, trade, science and technology, development and taxation. OECD Papers are available on a subscription basis. Now a part of the OECD Journal

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Also available in French

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345. Challenges/Obstacles Faced by Competition Authorities in Achieving Greater Economic Development through the Promotion of Competition
346. Regulatory Reform: Stock-Taking of Experience with Reviews of Competition Law and Policy in OECD Countries and the Relevance of such Experience for Developing Countries
347. How Enforcement against Private Anticompetitive Conduct Has Contributed to Economic Development
348. A Comparative Analysis of Government Offices in OECD Countries
349. Trends in Human Resources Management Policies in OECD Countries. An Analysis of the Results of the OECD Survey on Strategic Human Resources Management

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