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The OECD Observer, OECD's quarterly magazine presents concise, up-to-date and authoritative analysis of crucial world economic and social issues. Through the pages of the Observer OECD’s experts offer insights on the questions facing the Organisation’s member governments and provide an excellent opportunity for readers to stay ahead of policy debates.

Each edition of the Observer reports on a core theme of the OECD’s on-going work, and every article are bolstered by key tables and graphs. Each issue contains a regular databank of economic and social data and a subscription to the print edition of the OECD’s Observer also includes the annual OECD Yearbook as well as online access to all OECD Observer issues from its inception in 1962 onwards.

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Also available in French

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This 133rd issue of the OECD Observer features artiles on the petrochemical industry, special economic zones, the latest statistics on the OECD countries, tax burdens, and country problems and strategies.

Table of Contents

-Agenda for the second half of the 80s by Jean-Claude Paye, Secretary General of OECD 3
-The petrochemical industry: An unfinished adjustment process by Jean Guinet 6
-China's early windows on the world:The special economic zones by Michael West Oborne 11
The OECD Member Countries - 1985 Edition 13
-Direct tax burdens: An international comparison by Jeffrey Owens 23
-Country problems and strategies: Norway and United Kingdom 26
-Cars Improve Fuel Performance - but Bigger Models Popular Again
-Export Credits: Lower Interest Rates
-Expectations for the Steel Market in 1985
New OECD publications 30

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