OECD Economic Surveys: United States

Every 18 months
1999-0103 (online)
1995-3046 (print)
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OECD’s periodic surveys of the United States economy. Each edition surveys the major challenges faced by the country, evaluates the short-term outlook, and makes specific policy recommendations. Special chapters take a more detailed look at specific challenges. Extensive statistical information is included in charts and graphs.

Also available in French
OECD Economic Surveys: United States 2000

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11 May 2000
9789264177024 (PDF) ;9789264175020(print)

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This 2000 edition of OECD's periodic survey of the US economy includes features on increasing efficiency and reducing complexity in the tax system and structural policy developments.

Also available in French
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Table of Contents

Assessment and Recommendations
I. Recent Trends and Prospects
-Demand and production slowed sharply
-Near-term outlook and risks
II. Macroeconomic Policy
-Monetary policy
-Fiscal policy
III. Increasing Efficiency and Reducing Complexity in the Tax System
-An aggregate burden under control
-Improving the taxation of personal income
-Capital income taxation: a major area for reform
-Entrepreneurship: the gains from lower taxation
-Taxation of consumption
-Compliance and regulation
-Assessment of past changes and recommendations for action
IV. Structural Policy Developments
-Energy markets: a shock aggravated by policy
-Air transport: a lack of infrastructure and still too much bureaucracy
-Telecommunications: still seeking to boost competition
-Financial markets: cleaning up some loose ends
-Education policy: focusing on enchancing accountability and performance
-Disturbing trends in the agricultural sector
-Seeking to start a new trade round and mounting trade policy tensions
Annex I. Main Features of the Tax System 
Annex II. Calendar of Main Economic Events

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