OECD Economic Surveys: Russian Federation

Frequency :
1999-0669 (online)
1995-3607 (print)
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OECD’s periodic surveys of the Russian economy. Each edition surveys the major challenges faced by Russia, evaluates the short-term outlook, and makes specific policy recommendations. Special chapters take a more detailed look at specific challenges. Extensive statistical information is included in charts and graphs.

Also available in: French, Russian
OECD Economic Surveys: Russian Federation 2000

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08 Mar 2000
Pages :
9789264177376 (PDF) ; 9789264175372 (print)

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This 2000 edition of OECD's periodic review of Russia's economy examines recent economic developments, policies and prospects and includes special features on demonetisation and fiscal federalism.

Also available in: French
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Table of Contents

Assessment and Recommendations
I. Macroeconomic Overview
-The Financial Crisis of 1997-1998: The Causes and Consequences
-Output: From Decline to Constrained Recovery
-The Balance of Payments: From Weakness to Strength
-Monetary Policy under New Constraints
-The Federal Budget and Fiscal Policy
-Government Debt
-Income, Employment, and Welfare
-Commercial Bank Restructuring and Regulation: The Enormous Challenge
II. Demonetisation: The Causes and Policy Implications
-Demonetisation and Money Surrogates: Recent Trends
-The Causes of Demonetisation
-The Fall in the Share of Surrogates in 1999
-Policy Options
III. Fiscal Federalism
-Fiscal Federalism and the Case of Russia
-The Basic Institutions of Fiscal Federalism in Russia
-Revenue Division, Expenditure Assignments, and Transfers: Teh Formal System
-The Outcomes of the System: Budgetary Balance, Incentives and the Regional Financial Crisis
-Policy Options and Reforms
Annex I. Expenditure Assignments in the Russian Federation
Annex II. The Legal Framework for Subnational Borrowing