OECD Economic Surveys: Japan

Frequency :
Every 18 months
1999-012X (online)
1995-3062 (print)
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OECD’s periodic surveys of the Japanese economy. Each edition surveys the major challenges faced by the country, evaluates the short-term outlook, and makes specific policy recommendations. Special chapters take a more detailed look at specific challenges. Extensive statistical information is included in charts and graphs.

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OECD Economic Surveys: Japan 2001

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04 Dec 2001
Pages :
9789264196209 (PDF) ; 9789264197015 (print)

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This 2001 edition of OECD's periodic survey of the Japanese economy examines recent economic developments, policies and prospects and  includes a special feature on health care reform as well as an annex on bad loans in the banking sector.

Also available in: French
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Table of Contents

Assessment and Recommendations
I. Recent Developments: From a Modest Recovery to Contraction

-Recent Economic Trends and Forces at Work
-Background of the Underlying Weakness - A Dual Economy with Flagging Productivity Growth
-Short-Term Outlook
II. Towards a New Overall Policy Framework
-The Evolving Policy Framework
-Dealing with Non-Performing Assets and Financial Sector Weakness
-The Fiscal System: Towards Consolidation and Reform
-Monetary Policy: Dealing with Continuing Deflation and Associated Risks
III. Structural Reform to Promote Growth
-Improving the Framework for Private Sector Activity
-Promoting Competition and Opening Entry
-Assessment of Planned and Current Structural Reforms
IV. Healthcare Reform
-Salient Features of the System
-The Evolving System: Recent and On-Going Reforms
-Shaping a Future Reform
Annex I. Assessing the Level of Non-Performing and Bad Loans in the Banking Sector
Annex II. Budget Assumption and Some Alternative Scenarios
Annex III. Chronology of Main Economic Events