National income

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National income includes gross and net national income, savings or net lending/net borrowing. It is the total value of the primary incomes receivable within an economy less the total of the primary incomes payable by resident units. Primary incomes are incomes that accrue to institutional units as a consequence of their involvement in processes of production or ownership of assets that may be needed for purposes of production.

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Both net lending or borrowing can be measured as the balancing item in either the capital or financial accounts. It can therefore be derived as saving less the balances on non-financial assets and capital transfers. Or it can be derived as the difference between net acquisition of financial assets and net incurrence of liabilities. Financial assets (and liabilities) include: monetary gold and special drawing rights, currency and deposits, debt securities, Loans, Equity and investment fund shares/units, Insurance, pension and standardised guarantee programmes (including net equity of households in pension funds), Financial derivatives and employee stock options and other accounts receivable and payable (such as trade credits and advances for work in progress or to be undertaken). This indicator is measured as percentage of gross domestic product (GDP).

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Keywords:  general government, borrowing, lending, household, corporate
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