National Accounts of OECD Countries, Volume I, Main Aggregates

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1996-1979 (online)
1992-8750 (print)
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OECD’s annual National Accounts of OECD Countries: Main Aggregates, covers expenditure based GDP, output based GDP, income based GDP, disposable income, saving and net lending, population and employment.  It includes also comparative tables based on exchange rates and comparative tables based on purchasing power parities. Data are shown for 30 OECD countries and the euro area back to 1993 in most cases, expressed in national currency (in Euros for euro area countries), but also in US dollars for gross domestic product and actual individual consumption expenditure back to 1982. These data are generally based on the System of National Accounts 1993 (1993 SNA).

National Accounts of OECD Countries 1999, Volume I, Main Aggregates

National Accounts of OECD Countries 1999, Volume I, Main Aggregates You do not have access to this content

English, French
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11 Feb 2000
9789264080669 (PDF) ;9789264058408(print)

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The 1999 edition of the National Accounts: Main Aggregates, Volume I covers expenditure on the GDP, cost of components of GDP and finance of gross capital formation. These internationally comparative statistics are based on exchange rates ($US, volume and price indices) and purchasing power parities. Data are shown back to the 1960s in most cases. They are generally expressed in national currencies but are also shown in US dollars for major aggregates and for country groupings for the OECD, OECD-Europe and the European Union.

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