Measuring Capital -- OECD Manual

Measuring Capital -- OECD Manual

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15 June 2001
9789264193260 (PDF) ;9789264187023(print)

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This Manual clarifies the conceptual issues concerning stocks and flows of fixed capital and provides practical guidelines for estimation. The Manual also deals with the definition and measurement of "capital services" which measure the contribution of capital assets into the production process.  The Manual thus provides a link with the OECD Manual on Productivity Measurement.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Concepts in Capital Measurement
Chapter 3. Coverage and Classification of Stocks and Flows
Chapter 4. Capital Stocks and Flows: Basic Definitions and Uses
Chapter 5. OVerview of Measurement Methods
Chapter 6. Perpetual Inventory Method
Chapter 7. Measuring Consumption of Fixed Capital
Chapter 8. Surfeys and Other Direct Measurement Methods
Chapter 9. Capital Services
Annex 1. Glossary of Technical Terms Used in the Manual
Annex 2. Estimates of Capital Stocks in Four Countries (Singapore, France, USA, Australia)
Annex 3. Service Lives of Assets Used in Four Countries
Annex 4. The Research Agenda for Capital Stocks and Flows

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