Economic Surveys and Data Analysis

Economic Surveys and Data Analysis

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17 Dec 2002
9789264099074 (PDF) ;9789264099029(print)

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This book presents the proceedings of the 25th CIRET Conference, entitled "Business Surveys and Empirical Analysis of Economic and Social Survey Data" was hosted by OECD and INSEE in Paris, France in 2000.
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Table of Contents

1. Opening Address. The Role of Business Survey Data in Macroeconomic Research and Practice by Edmond Malinvaud
2. A Comparative Study of Forecasting Performance: European Long-Range Gauge vs. European Business Surveys by Anirvan Banerji and Philip A. Klein
3. Towards the Elaboration of Business Climate Indicators for the Italian Economy by Paolo Carnazza and Giuseppe Parigi
4. Compiling and Comparison of Taiwan's Business Indicators by Cheng-Mount Cheng
5. General Indicators of Business Activity for Poland Based on Survey data by Zbigniew Matkowski
6. Confidence Indicators for Composite Indicators by ronny Nilsson
7. The OECD System of Leading Indicators: Recent Efforts to Meet Users' Needs by Benoit Arnaud
8. Calculation of Composite Leading Indicators: A Comparison of Two Different Methods by Olivier Burnet
9. Leading Indicators of Financial Vulnerability: Demonstrated in the Case of the Asian Crisis by Gernot Nerb and Markus Taube
10. The Belgian Industrial Confidence Indicator: Leading Indicator of Economic Activity in the Euro Area? by Jean-Jacques Vanhaelen, Luc Dresse, and Jan De Mulder
11. Explaining Innovative Activity in Service Industries: Micro Data Evidence for Switzerland by Spyros Arvanitis
12. Innovation Modes in the Swiss Service Sector: A Cluster Analysis Based in Firm-Level Data by Heinz Hollenstein
13. Spillover Effects and R&D Cooperations: The Influence of Market Structure by Anita Wolfl
14. Exploring Unemployment in the European Union by Marcella Corsi
15. Centralised CATI Method in the Finnish Consumer Survey: Testing the Effects of Nonresponse by Pertti Kangassalo and Veijo Notkola
16. Signalling Bottlenecks/Overcapacities and Low/High Dynamics by Marlene Amstad and Richard Etter
17. The Impact of Nonresponse Bias on the Index of Consumer Sentiment by Richard Curtin, Stanley Presser and Eleanor Singer
18. Quantification of Qualitative Data Using ORders Probit Models by Ulrich Kaiser and Alexandra Spitz
19. Survey Data as a Source of Information for Policy Recommendations: A Logit Analysis by Elzbieta Adamowicz, Anna Gutkowska, Jacek Kotlowski and Konrad Walczyk
20. The Evolution of Expections of Disinflation: The Case of Bulgaria by John A. Carlson and Neven T. Valev

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