Main Economic Indicators

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The Main Economic Indicators database includes a wide range of areas from 1961, such as quarterly national accounts, business surveys, retail sales, industrial production, construction, consumer prices, total employment, unemployment rates, interest rates, money and domestic finance, foreign finance, foreign trade, and balance of payments for OECD countries and non-member economies.

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Keywords:  MEI, earnings, main economic indicators, labour, prices, sales, production, balance of payments, consumer opinion, trade, leading indicators, employment, labour cost, finance, BOP

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The production and sales dataset contains industrial statistics on four separate subjects: production, sales, orders and work started. Production, data are shown for total industry, manufacturing, energy and construction. Sales data include data on retail trade and registration of passenger cars, while dwellings data include work started and orders cover permits issued. Data are expressed as index (2005 = 100) and are available from 1919 onwards.

Also available in French
Keywords:  sales, permits, orders, permits issued, statistics, car registrations, retail trade, total industry, manufacturing, dwellings, production, energy, construction
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