Main Economic Indicators

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The Main Economic Indicators database includes a wide range of areas from 1961, such as quarterly national accounts, business surveys, retail sales, industrial production, construction, consumer prices, total employment, unemployment rates, interest rates, money and domestic finance, foreign finance, foreign trade, and balance of payments for OECD countries and non-member economies.

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Keywords:  MEI, earnings, main economic indicators, labour, prices, sales, production, balance of payments, consumer opinion, trade, leading indicators, employment, labour cost, finance, BOP

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1960 onwards

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Balance of payments (BOP) statistics for OECD member and non-member countries according to BPM6 classification are included in this dataset. Also included is a systematic summary of economic transactions of an economy with the rest of the world, for a specific time period. Balance of payments transactions are further divided into their respective components: current account, capital and financial account and errors and omissions. Data are expressed in national currency or US Dollars and are recorded from 1960. Member countries currently producing balance of payments data according to BPM5 will switch to BPM6 by end 2015.

Also available in French
Keywords:  financial account, balance of payments, statistics, current account, MEI, BPM6, exports, BOP, capital, goods, current transfers, imports, services, income balance
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