Compilation Manual for an Index of Services Production

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03 July 2007
9789264034440 (PDF) ;9789264034433(print)

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The OECD Compilation Manual for Index of Services Production contains guidelines and methodologies to measure short-term production activities of the services sector by national agencies and international organisations. The Manual fills a gap in existing international statistical standards for guidelines and recommendations on the compilation of output indicators for the services sector of OECD member countries.
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Table of Contents

Section 1. Introduction
-Needs and Aims for Indicators of Short-Term Services Production
-International Efforts to Measure Short-Term Services Production Activities
-Purpose and Use of the Manual
-Organisation of the Manual
Secton 2. Infrastructure
-Statistical Units
-Various Types of Statistical Units
-Preferred Statistical Units
-Classifications Used by OECD Countries
-Preferred Classifications
-Concordance between ISIC Rev. 3.1 and ISIC Rev. 4
Section 3. Terminologies for Index of Services Production
-Terminologies related to ISP
-Services Activities
-Market and Non-Market Services
-Definition of ISP
-Types and Definitions of Variables to Measure Services Production
-Deflated Gross Output
-Other Relevant Variables
Section 4. Sources and Methods for Compiling an ISP
-Description of "Preferred", "Alternative", and "Other" Methods
-Evaluation of the Suitability of Sources and Methods
-Criteria for Conceptual Appropriateness
-Recommendations for Variables and Deflators by Services Activity
-Proposed Criteria for Deciding Conceptually Appropriate Indicators
-Recommended Variables and Deflators and their Sources
Section 5. Index Compilation
-Types of Indices
-Laspeyres, Paasche, and Fisher Indices
-Recommendations for ISP Compilation
-Transformation of Input Data
-Managing Problems in Input Data
-Comparability with GDP
-Overall Quality Assessment of ISPs
-Procedures Carried Out at Various Compilation Stages
-Overview of the Compilaton Process
-4-digit and 3-digit models
-2-digit and 1-digit models
-Evaluation of the Usefulness of the Manual
Section 6. Presentation and Dissemination
-Presentation of ISPs
-Presentation as an Index
-Form of Presentation
-Dissemination to Users
Annex 1. List of Proposed Deflators
Annex 2. Recommended Variables and Deflators and their Sources

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