China in the Global Economy

1990-0457 (online)
1815-9575 (print)
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OECD’s series of books analyzing the challenges China is facing as it integrates into the global economy. Topics covered include trade, investment, the economy, environment, governance, and agriculture.

Also available in French, Chinese
China in the World Economy

China in the World Economy

The Domestic Policy Challenges: Synthesis Report You or your institution have access to this content

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18 Mar 2002
9789264196285 (PDF) ;9789264197084(print)

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This publication presents a synthesis of the main findings and policy recommendations of China in the World Economy: Domestic Policy Challenges. After more than two decades of progress in market reforms and trade and investment liberalisation, the entry of China into the World Trade Organisation marks a new era for its integration into the world economy. Drawing on the experiences of OECD Members over the past 50 years, and the Organisation’s extensive work with non-Member economies around the world, this publication provides readers with a synthetic view of the interrelated domestic policy issues at stake and with specific recommendations as to actions to be taken.

Also available in French, Portuguese, Chinese
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Table of Contents

Foreword by Donald J. Johnston
About the Synthesis Report
About the Study
Synthesis of the Main Findings of the Study
-Taking Stock: The Progress that Has Been Made and the Problems that Need to Be Overcome
--Obstacles to Resource Utilisation in the Rural Economy
--Structural Impediments to Further Industry Development
--Growing Constraints from the Financial System
--Emerging Weaknesses in Macroeconomic Performance
--Growing Imbalances in Regional Development
-Improving the Utilisation of China's Resources
--Raising Labour Utilisation
--Making Better Use of Land and Environmental Resources
--Bolstering the Capacity of the Business Sector to Productively Employ Resources
--Improving the Effectiveness of the Financial System
--Achieving Better Integration Among China's Regions
-Strengthening the Institutional Framework for Market Functioning
--Strengthening Enterprise Governance
--Reforming Property Rights and Insolvency Mechanisms
--Improving the Competition Framework
--Developing Financial Regulatory and Supervisory Capabilities
--Improving the Enforcement Capacity of the Judicial System
-Improving the Government's Capacity to Support Economic Development
--Bolstering Public Finances
--Reforming Central-Local Government Fiscal Relations
--Improving the Flexibility of Macroeconomic Policy Instruments
--Creating the Framework for a Market-Based Regulatory System

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