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UNECE’s work on sustainable energy is designed to improve access to affordable and clean energy for all and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the carbon footprint of the energy sector in the region. It promotes international policy dialogue and cooperation among governments, energy industries and other stakeholders.  The focus  is on energy efficiency, cleaner electricity production from fossil fuels, renewable energy, coal mine methane, natural gas, classification of energy and mineral reserves and resources, and energy security.
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Pathways to Sustainable Energy

Pathways to Sustainable Energy

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21 Apr 2016
9789210577366 (PDF)

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In September 2015 countries agreed to a set of sustainable development goals. Attainment of all of the goals depends directly or indirectly on the availability of sustainable energy. Member States of the UNECE have asked how the region can attain its sustainable energy objectives. The response is complex given the diversity of the region and the range of forces and trends shaping the future. UNECE has undertaken an exploration of the factors shaping the future energy system and has developed four alternative scenarios of how the future might be. This document presents the first results of that work.
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