Global and Regional Programme Evaluations

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Global, regional and South-South programme evaluations assess the performance and intended and achieved results of those programmes. They are intended to reinforce the substantive accountability of United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to the Executive Board, and will be timed to contribute to the preparation and approval of the next programme.

Evaluation of the Regional Programme Europe and the CIS (2011-2013)

Evaluation of the Regional Programme Europe and the CIS (2011-2013) You do not have access to this content

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18 Oct 2013
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In 2009 the Evaluation Office conducted the Regional Programme Evaluation for Europe and the CIS for the programme period 2006-2010. This is the second evaluation conducted for the region, covering the current programme period 2011-2013. The evaluation assessed UNDP’s programme performance, guided by the results and resources framework set forth in the Regional Programme Document.
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  • Acknowledgements
    This evaluation was conducted by the Evaluation Office of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), with Fumika Ouchi as the evaluation manager. The office drew on the following persons to support the conduct of the evaluation: Monika Zabel, team leader, Camelia Gheorghe, and Antonio Castro. Work by Ozren Runic for the Fourth Global Programme evaluation was also used. As part of the quality assurance arrangements, the Evaluation Office invited an external adviser, Rafis Abazov, to conduct an independent review of the report.
  • Foreword
    The United Nations Development Programme, in addition to supporting the development of 177 countries and territories through its country and multi-country programmes, runs global and regional programmes to address issues of global and regional nature, provide coherence to its technical support and facilitate exchange of knowledge and experience across the countries it serves.
  • Acronyms and abbreviations
  • Executive summary
    The Evaluation Office of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), as part of its annual workplan approved by the Executive Board, conducted the regional programme evaluations for all five UNDP regions and the global programme evaluation in 2012. The present document is the evaluation of the regional programme for the Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States region.
  • Introduction
    This chapter presents the purpose and scope of the evaluation, an overview of the approach and methodology used in the design, detailing the evaluation criteria and questions, data collection and analysis and the evaluation process and management. The structure of the report is also presented at the end of the chapter.
  • The regional context and UNDP response
    This chapter provides the development context in which UNDP operates, including major challenges and priority areas facing the region, an overview of UNDP’s regional strategy and managerial structure, and a brief summary of the regional programme under assessment.
  • Contribution of the UNDP regional programme to development results
  • Strategic positioning of UNDP in the region
    This chapter presents the main findings related to UNDP’s positioning in the region, i.e. UNDP’s strategic relevance and responsiveness to development priorities, and how it has promoted UN values and made use of partnerships, and its comparative strengths. Business development and resource mobilization, a challenge faced by the region, has also been addressed.
  • Conclusions and recommendations
    The conclusions and recommendations provided below are based on the findings from the previous chapters, while taking into account the overall goal of the evaluation to contribute to the development of the next regional programme. The conclusions should be seen as mutually reinforcing and conveying key UNDP strengths and challenges. The recommendations highlight areas in which UNDP could strengthen its strategic decision-making and operational modalities to further ensure that the regional programme continues to contribute to meeting regional development challenges.
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    • Terms of reference
      The 2012 programme of work approved by the Executive Board indicates that the Evaluation Office should conduct independent evaluations of regional programmes implemented under the responsibility of UNDP’s five regional bureaux.
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  • People consulted
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  • Management response
    The regional programme for Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States, 2011-2013 was approved by the Executive Board at its annual session in 2010. It is an instrument for realizing the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). It provides a framework for strengthening UNDP’s impact at the country level by promoting development cooperation in the region across countries, supporting the diagnosis of shared challenges, catalysing development solutions, and supporting investment in knowledge and expertise for the benefit of more than a single country.
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