West African Studies

Settlement, Market and Food Security
2074-353X (online)
2074-3548 (print)
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This series of books examines economic and social issues being faced by West Africa.  
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    21 May 2013 Click to Access:  Settlement, Market and Food Security
With the population of West Africa set to double by 2050, this book explores how agricultural production systems and policy will have to change to support this growth.
    02 Apr 2013 Click to Access:  Conflict over Resources and Terrorism
This study first analyses an old and recurring form of instability in the region: conflict over resources. Secondly, the study addresses terrorism, a relatively new dimension of insecurity.
    02 Feb 2012 Click to Access:  Global Security Risks and West Africa
This publication explores current global security issues, their development in West Africa and their potential impact on regional stability. It takes a close look at issues such as terrorism and trafficking, climate change, and the links between...
    15 Oct 2009 Click to Access:  West African Perspectives
Presents a cross-cutting analysis of the main development challenges for the West African region and offers suggestions on how to meet them.
    15 July 2009 Click to Access:  Regional Atlas on West Africa
This atlas describes the West African region, its population, settlement, territories, its economy and its vulnerabilities. It analyses the developments and the ways in which West Africa is conforming to a constantly changing global environment.
    23 Mar 2009 Click to Access:  Regional Challenges of West African Migration
This publication presents contributions by international experts on various aspects of West African migration.
    01 Oct 2008 Click to Access:  West African Mobility and Migration Policies of OECD Countries
This publications reviews migration policies in the main OECD countries receiving West African migrants and analyses the recent discussions concerning West African migration.
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