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This series of monographs from the OECD Development Centre covers development issues generally and in some cases issues in specific countries. It  includes Angus Maddison’s books containing long-term historical estimates of GDP for various areas of the world.

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The Rise of China and India

The Rise of China and India

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Andrea Goldstein, Nicolas Pinaud, Helmut Reisen, Xiaobao Chen
12 May 2006
9789264024427 (PDF) ;9789264024410(print)

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This book demonstrates how the growing economic power of China and India is already influencing the growth patterns of African countries, particularly oil- and commodities-exporting ones. As world prices for commodities rise, producer countries in Africa and throughout the world will gain, but there is more to the story than that. Some African countries are redirecting part of their trade and other relationships from their traditional OECD partners to China and India. The book explores the consequences of this, and comes to some surprising conclusions.
Also available in French
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Table of Contents

1. Introduction: Impact Channels
2. The Asian Drivers' Global Macroeconomic Impacts
3. Africa and Global Commodity Markets
-China and India's Commodity Demands and Their Prices
-The Terms of Trade
4. The Asian Drivers as Markets for African Exports
-Africa's Trade Reorientation twoards the Asian Drivers
-Trade Redirection: An Unfettered Blessing?
-Asian Drivers, Global Logistics, and the Direction of Commodity Trade
5. The Asian Drivers as Potential Competitors
-Competition on Third Markets
-Competition on Local Markets
6. Back to the Raw-Material Corner? Dutch Disease and the Learner Triangle
7. Foreign Direct Investment
-Direct Competition for Projects
-Indirect Support for Natural Resources Projects in Africa
-Chinese and Indian Investments in Africa
-African Investments in China and India
8. Medium- and Long-Term Scenarios
-Scenarios for China's and India's Medium- and Long-Term Growth
-Prospects for Future Energy, Metals, and Food Demand
9. Policy Implications
-Unleashing Africa's Commodity Potential
-Improving the Management of Commodity-Related Revenues
-Streamlining and Rethinking Diversification and Bilateral Trade Strategies
-Upholding Trade Preferences Granted to African Countries
10. Some Early Conclusions
Appendix A. Sub-Sahara Africa's Trade Patterns
Appendix B. Are Asian Drivers Nipping African Clothing in a Post-MFA Bud?
Appendix C. Balassa Specialisation Index for India, China, and Selected African Countries
Appendix D. Commodity Selection for Table 9, 10, and 11
Appendix E. China and India's Import Structure

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