The Development Dimension

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A series of OECD books analyzing  the development aspects of policies in other domains, such as economic, financial, environmental, agricultural or trade policies. By systematically taking the development dimension of member country policies into account, OECD analysis and dialogue can help change behaviour in support of development in an ever more integrated, interdependent global economy.

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The Development Effectiveness of Food Aid

The Development Effectiveness of Food Aid

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09 May 2006
9789264013476 (PDF) ;9789264013469(print)

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The Development Effectiveness of Food Aid: Does Tying Matter? provides a detailed look into two food aid issues. First, the study assesses the effectiveness of the various ways in which food aid can promote food security and poverty alleviation. Second, the study demonstrates that food aid in-kind carries substantial efficiency costs, conservatively estimated as at least 30% on average. In contrast, most local purchases or regionally sourced imports are relatively efficient ways of providing food aid. Thus, there is scope for considerable efficiency gains by switching to less restricted sourcing of food.  The study therefore argues that, in most circumstances, financial aid (cash) is the preferable way to fund direct distribution of food or to provide budgetary support for general development or project assistance.

Also available in French
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Table of Contents

Executive Summary
Chapter 1. The Development Effectiveness of Food Aid
-Scope of the Assessment
-A Priori Assessment of Members Programmes
-Food Aid: An Appropriate Resource for Development?
-The Developmental Effectiveness of Food Aid: Key Research Findings from the Literature
Chapter 2. The Role of Tying Status of Food Aid
-The Definition of Tied Aid
-Scope of the Survey
-Method of Investigation
-Other Effects of Tying: Issues for Investigation
Chapter 3. Conclusions
-Developmental Effectiveness
-The Role of Tying Status of Food Aid
-Issues for Investigation
Annex A. Information Collection and Consultation with DAC Members and Other Stakeholders
-Annex B. Selected Literature Review

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