The DAC Guidelines

1990-0864 (online)
1990-0872 (print)
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The DAC Reference and Guidelines Series presents guidelines and reference material designed to help foreign aid donors increase the effectiveness of their aid. It includes publications covering such topics as environment, taxation, security systems, terrorism, poverty and health.

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Strengthening Trade Capacity for Development

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29 Oct 2001
9789264194755 (PDF) ;9789264195042(print)

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Developing countries want to join in the globalisation process. However, the increasing complexity of global markets, the new challenges of the multilateral trading system and the competing demands of regional, bilateral and multilateral trade agreements confront developing countries with an expanding array of competitiveness and policy challenges. And, in many cases, they lack the institutional and human resource capacity to meet these challenges.

The DAC Guidelines on Strengthening Trade Capacity for Development have been prepared on the basis of an emerging international consensus and understanding of how the international community can work together more effectively. They intend to help developing countries enhance their capacity to trade and participate more effectively in the international rule-making and institutional mechanisms that shape the global trading system. They also provide a common reference point for the trade, aid and finance communities, putting trade capacity building in the context of comprehensive approaches to development and poverty reduction.

Also available in French
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Table of Contents

Statement on Capacity Development for Trade in the New Global Context
Executive Summary
1. Introduction
2. Why Develop Capacity for Trade?
3. Policy Constraints to Trade
4. Formulating a Durable Policy Framework for Trade Development
5. Principles for Developing the Capacity for Trade

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