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Mainstreaming Adaptation in National Development Planning
2222-0518 (online)
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OECD Development Co-operation Working Papers cover work on understanding aid flows, strengthening aid delivery and improving development policy. Topics include, among others, aid statistics and architecture, aid effectiveness, capacity development, development co-operation systems and management, evaluation of development programmes, as well as the relationship between development and trade, conflict and fragility, environment, gender equality, governance and poverty reduction.
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  N° 29   06 Aug 2016 Click to Access: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/development/mainstreaming-adaptation-in-national-development-planning_5jlsv0689qs6-en
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Mainstreaming Adaptation in National Development Planning
Juan Casado-Asensio, Anna Drutschinin, Jan Corfee-Morlot, Gisela Campillo
This Working Paper explores progress in the integration or mainstreaming of adaptation and related objectives into national development planning. It first provides an overview of the international mechanisms, including finance, to support the mainstreaming of climate change adaptation into...
  N° 28   30 June 2016 Click to Access: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/development/what-enables-effective-international-climate-finance-in-the-context-of-development-co-operation_5jlwjg92n48x-en
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What Enables Effective International Climate Finance in the Context of Development Co-operation?
Sáni Ye Zou, Stephanie Ockenden
In response to on-going discussions on the relationship between international climate finance and development finance, this paper explores what enables effective international climate finance in the context of development co-operation. Through interviews, views were elicited from selected...
  N° 27   29 Feb 2016 Click to Access: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/development/public-private-partnerships-for-statistics-lessons-learned-future-steps_5jm3nqp1g8wf-en
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Public-Private Partnerships for Statistics: Lessons Learned, Future Steps
Nicholas Robin, Thilo Klein, Johannes Jütting
Non-official sources of data, big data in particular, are currently attracting enormous interest in the world of official statistics. An impressive body of work focuses on how different types of big data (telecom data, social media, sensors and geospatial data, etc.) can be used to fill...
  N° 26   10 Feb 2016 Click to Access: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/development/amounts-mobilised-from-the-private-sector-by-official-development-finance-interventions_5jm3xh459n37-en
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Amounts Mobilised from the Private Sector by Official Development Finance Interventions
Julia Benn, Cécile Sangaré, Tomáš Hos, Giovanni Maria Semeraro
According to the 2015 DAC Survey on mobilisation, USD 36.4 billion was mobilised from the private sector in 2012-14 through official development finance interventions in the form of guarantees, syndicated loans and shares in collective investment vehicles (development-related investment funds)....
  N° 25   14 Oct 2015 Click to Access: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/development/official-development-finance-for-infrastructure_5jrs3sbcrvzx-en
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Official Development Finance for Infrastructure
Kaori Miyamoto, Emilio Chiofalo
The main objective of this study is to offer an overall picture of support by multilateral and bilateral development partners to development country infrastructure. By presenting an overview of the scale, distribution, and modality of development co-operation for infrastructure, the report is...
  N° 24   01 Sep 2015 Click to Access: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/development/the-accidental-birth-of-official-development-assistance_5jrs552w8736-en
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The accidental birth of "official development assistance"
Simon Scott
Official development assistance (ODA) has been the standard measure of foreign aid for 45 years, but its creation was largely accidental, and followed no plan. Its origins lie with efforts by the OECD’s Development Assistance Committee (DAC) in the early 60s to soften and harmonise the terms of...
  N° 23   20 June 2015 Click to Access: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/development/financing-for-development-in-support-of-biodiversity-and-ecosystem-services_5js03h0nwxmq-en
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Financing for Development in Support of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services
Anna Drutschinin, Stephanie Ockenden
This paper considers the key financing challenges and opportunities for realising both biodiversity conservation and sustainable development objectives. It considers the full range of possible sources, from public and private, domestic and international sources, but has a focus on public...
  N° 22   18 June 2015 Click to Access: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/development/financing-in-crisis_5js04dl2pms1-en
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Financing in Crisis?
Rachel Scott
Building on the useful recommendations of the Future Humanitarian Financing initiative, this paper takes the view that ensuring enough quality money for humanitarian crises is not just about writing a bigger cheque. The money also needs to arrive in the right place, in the right way, and at the...
  N° 21   01 May 2015 Click to Access: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/development/biodiversity-and-development-co-operation_5js1sqkvts0v-en
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Biodiversity and Development Co-operation
Anna Drutschinin, Juan Casado-Asensio, Jan Corfee-Morlot, Dilys Roe
This paper considers how development co-operation is addressing the twin objectives of biodiversity conservation and sustainable use on the one hand, and development and poverty reduction on the other. It outlines how development co-operation can a) support mainstreaming biodiversity and...
  N° 20   04 Feb 2015 Click to Access: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/development/making-development-co-operation-fit-for-the-future_5js6b25hzv7h-en
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Making Development Co-operation Fit for the Future
Robin Davies, Jonathan Pickering
This paper provides insights into what partner country governments anticipate will be their main development challenges within five to ten years, and into how they expect their relationships with DAC development assistance providers to evolve in order to meet these challenges. Based on results...
  N° 19   11 July 2014 Click to Access: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/development/official-support-for-private-sector-participation-in-developing-country-infrastructure_5jz14cd40nf0-en
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Official Support for Private Sector Participation in Developing Country Infrastructure
Kaori Miyamoto, Kim Biousse
The objective of this study is to take stock of support by bilateral and multilateral donors for private sector participation in developing country infrastructure. It tries to draw out trends, opportunities and challenges, collective activities to address them, and possible further actions for...
  N° 18   07 Oct 2014 Click to Access: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/development/imagining-more-effective-humanitarian-aid_5jxx3d16snf7-en
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Imagining More Effective Humanitarian Aid
Rachel Scott
This paper is intended to provoke debate, and stimulate further thinking and study, about humanitarian effectiveness, and what that will mean for donors and other stakeholders, in the run-up to the World Humanitarian Summit in 2016. Today’s humanitarian system is made up of many different...
  N° 17   15 July 2014 Click to Access: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/development/a-calculated-risk-how-donors-should-engage-with-risk-financing-and-transfer-mechanisms_5jz122cn65s6-en
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A Calculated Risk: How Donors Should Engage with Risk Financing and Transfer Mechanisms
Lydia Poole
Better financial preparedness against risk is a central part of a comprehensive approach to disaster management. Risk financing and risk transfer are approaches to planning for risks that cannot be reduced or avoided practically or cost-effectively and may include a strategy and practical...
  N° 16   05 June 2014 Click to Access: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/development/social-protection-and-climate-change_5jz2qc8wc1s5-en
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Social Protection and Climate Change
Chris Béné, Terry Cannon, Mark Davies, Andrew Newsham, Thomas Tanner
Climate change has already resulted in climate-related extreme events of greater frequency and/or intensity. This, along with long-term changes in average conditions (whether in temperature or rainfall), is likely to continue to have a major impact on livelihoods. Developing countries will be...
  N° 15   12 May 2014 Click to Access: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/development/food-and-nutrition-in-security-and-social-protection_5jz44w9ltszt-en
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Food and Nutrition (in-)Security and Social Protection
Rachel Slater, Rebecca Holmes, Nicholas Mathers
Social protection measures are policy instruments that are widely used across a broad range of developing countries in pursuit of many different development objectives. In many cases social protection measures such as food or cash transfers were first introduced to ensure minimum levels of food...
  N° 14   16 Dec 2013 Click to Access: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/development/green-growth-and-poverty-reduction_5k3ttg45wb31-en
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Green Growth and Poverty Reduction
Michael King
This paper explores the policy coherence for development (PCD) dimensions of green growth strategies pursued by OECD member states. The coherence challenge is to design OECD green growth policies in order to maximise the positive synergies and minimise the negatives effects on pro-poor growth...
  N° 13   16 Dec 2013 Click to Access: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/development/risk-and-resilience_5k3ttg4cxcbp-en
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Risk and Resilience
Andrew Mitchell
Resilience has gained significant prominence following the re-examination of the performance of the humanitarian and development aid systems in light of the two major food security crises in East and West Africa over the last two years, coupled with ongoing ‘post-2015’ negotiations on key...
  N° 12   01 Dec 2013 Click to Access: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/development/the-evolution-of-official-development-assistance_5k3v1dv3f024-en
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The Evolution of Official Development Assistance
William Hynes, Simon Scott
The definition of Official Development Assistance (ODA) has for 40 years been the global standard for measuring donor efforts in supporting development co-operation objectives. It has provided the yardstick for documenting the volume and the terms of the concessional resources provided,...
  N° 11   01 Sep 2013 Click to Access: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/development/guarantees-for-development_5k407lx5b8f8-en
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Guarantees for Development
Mariana Mirabile, Julia Benn, Cécile Sangaré
This Working Paper presents the results of a Survey on Guarantees for Development carried out in the context of the OECD DAC work to modernise statistics on external development finance post 2015. No comprehensive and internationally comparable data on guarantees for development and the volume...
  N° 10   01 Feb 2013 Click to Access: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/development/the-challenges-of-supporting-effective-security-and-justice-development-programming_5k49dffl6bmq-en
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The Challenges of Supporting Effective Security and Justice Development Programming
Nicole Ball, Luc van de Goor
Early 2010, the DAC International Network on Conflict and Fragility (INCAF) Task Team on Peacebuilding, Statebuilding and Security commissioned an analysis of the critical impediments to effective donor engagement in the area of security and justice development in conflict-affected and fragile...
  N° 9   01 Jan 2013 Click to Access: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/development/out-of-the-frying-pan-into-the-fire-migration-from-fragile-states-to-fragile-states_5k49dffmjpmv-en
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Out of the Frying Pan into the Fire? Migration from Fragile States to Fragile States
Anke Hoeffler
Fragile states contributed 18 million migrants and 8 million refugees in 2000. More than 20% of these migrants and more than half of the refugees settle in other fragile states. Thus, migration is likely to be both a consequence and a possible cause of conflict and fragility. This paper asks...
  N° 8   01 Dec 2012 Click to Access: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/development/the-power-of-radical-islamist-ideas-in-fragile-states-in-parts-of-sub-saharan-africa_5k49dffw7r7d-en
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The Power of Radical Islamist Ideas in Fragile States in Parts of Sub-Saharan Africa
Abdelkérim Ousman
In parts of sub-Saharan Africa, radical Islamists are targeting fragile and conflict-affected states and encouraging the formation of groups which act against the state (either violently or subversively). These processes exacerbate existing fragility and increase conflicts among communities in...
  N° 7   01 Dec 2012 Click to Access: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/development/building-a-fragile-consensus-liberalisation-and-state-fragility_5k49dfg07sxx-en
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Building a "Fragile Consensus": Liberalisation and State Fragility
Peter Middlebrook
This research paper seeks to answer three central questions: (i) how can different forms of liberalisation be classified; (ii) how have liberalisation policies and measures affected conflict-affected and fragile states; and (iii) what are the essential institutional governance pre-conditions to...
  N° 6   01 Oct 2012 Click to Access: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/development/from-spoilers-to-statebuilders-constructive-approaches-to-engagement-with-non-state-armed-groups-in-fragile-states_5k49dfg21dr4-en
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From Spoilers to Statebuilders: Constructive Approaches to Engagement with Non-State Armed Groups in Fragile States
Sukanya Podder
The global policy discourse and the war on terror tend to ignore the wide variety of roles and agendas of non-state armed groups (NSAGs), viewing them primarily as threats to security, negative for peace and as important spoilers that can undermine successful peace building. They tend to be...
  N° 5   01 Oct 2012 Click to Access: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/development/transnational-organised-crime-and-fragile-states_5k49dfg88s40-en
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Transnational Organised Crime and Fragile States
Paula Miraglia, Rolando Ochoa, Ivan Briscoe
Transnational organised crime (TOC) refers to a fluid and diversified industry that engages in illicit activities ranging from drug and human trafficking to drug smuggling, piracy and money laundering. Although it may affect strong states, conflict-affected and fragile states are especially...
  N° 4   01 Oct 2012 Click to Access: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/development/exporting-from-fragile-states_5k49dfg9fb6d-en
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Exporting from Fragile States
Anke Hoeffler
Although fragile states account for 15% of the global population they only contribute about 2% of exports. Trade is widely believed to be an important determinant of development. This paper analyses the challenges and opportunities faced by fragile states in their bid to diversify their...
  N° 3   01 Oct 2012 Click to Access: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/development/international-markets-for-security-and-military-assistance_5k49dfgjj2r4-en
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International Markets for Security and Military Assistance
Roy Isbister, Tom Donnelly
The end of the Cold War, globalisation, and the new global security paradigm following the 9/11 attacks have seen a rapid increase in arms production and producers across different geographic regions, as well as the growth of private security enterprises in areas that were previously primarily...
  N° 2   01 Oct 2012 Click to Access: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/development/growth-aid-and-policies-in-countries-recovering-from-war_5k49dfgl38wb-en
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Growth, Aid and Policies in Countries Recovering from War
Anke Hoeffler
What happens to countries after civil war or other conflict comes to an end? This paper shows that post-war economies can experience a peace dividend involving higher than average growth rates, and that aid can increase this dividend. Since post-war countries face the twin challenges of...
  N° 1   04 Apr 2011 Click to Access: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/development/training-and-beyond-seeking-better-practices-for-capacity-development_5kgf1nsnj8tf-en
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Training and Beyond: Seeking Better Practices for Capacity Development
Jenny Pearson
This paper is the result of a joint effort of OECD/DAC and LenCD to assemble the critical messages about training and learning that are emerging from the current international scrutiny of training and capacity development. It synthesises current wisdom on the topic, and offers a sense of...
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