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This series of country reviews examines the foreign aid policies and programs of donor countries and makes recommendations for improvements. 
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Development Co-operation Reviews: Norway 1999

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08 Feb 2000
9789264180567 (PDF) ;9789264171695(print)

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The Development Assistance Committee's 1999 review of Norway's aid policies and programmes. It finds that Norway’s aid effort ranks second among DAC Members in terms of ODA to GNP ratio. Broad national consensus towards Norway’s development assistance is based on strong support by churches and NGOs and on effective development education. In particular, 40% of the bilateral programme administered by Norway is channelled through Norwegian NGOs. There is a strong poverty focus in Norway’s long-term development assistance, with aid flowing predominantly to poor countries with good policies. Norway adopts a three-pronged approach: help the countries to foster economic growth; contribute to social development programmes; and target aid on vulnerable groups. Norway’s operational approaches and budget allocations for poverty reduction can nevertheless be further strengthened, as part of the overall international effort to reduce half the proportion of poor by the year 2015. Norway’s ambitions to contribute to human rights, democracy and peace, have created new policies as well as pressing challenges at the strategic and organisational level. Furthermore, while Norway has been keen on concentrating its bilateral assistance in twelve priority countries, political and humanitarian priorities have emerged as a second element of Norwegian aid, leading to increased geographic dispersion.
Also available in French
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Table of Contents

Summary and Conclusions
Chapter 1. Norway's Overall Policy Framework and New Developments
Chapter 2. Aid Management and Implementation
Chapter 3. Social Sector and Cross-Cutting Issues
Chapter 4. Basic Profiles
Annex I. Mozambique Report
Annex II. Bangladesh Report
Annex III. Statistics of Aid and Other Flows
Press Release of the DAC Peer Review of Norway
Description of Key Terms

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