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Globalisation, Poverty and Inequality
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This series of publications presents the proceedings of conferences and seminars on various development issues held by the OECD Development Centre, often in co-operation with other organisations.
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    06 June 2003 Click to Access:  Globalisation, Poverty and Inequality
This book is based on an exceptional event in December 2000 which brought together civil society from poor countries and OECD experts. It emerges that globalisation can have a positive impact in poor countries, but only if policies encouraging more...
    06 June 2003 Click to Access:  Asia and Europe
OECD, Asian Development Bank
This book demonstrates some of the pitfalls associated with services liberalisation but recommends perseverance and even acceleration of the reforms. Contributors call for orderly and rapid progress towards regional integration of the services ...
    05 June 2002 Click to Access:  Technology and Poverty Reduction in Asia and the Pacific
OECD, Asian Development Bank
Poverty reduction remains a major development challenge in much of Asia and the Pacific. Historically, technology has played a central role in raising living standards across the region, including those of the poor. The Green Revolution and various ...
    25 Apr 2002 Click to Access:  Regional Integration in Africa
OECD, Asian Development Bank
Regional integration and co-ordination are not a panacea but they could hold the key to African countries' long-awaited participation in the world economy. This was one of the conclusions of the second International Forum on African Perspectives ...
    05 Dec 2001 Click to Access:  Towards Arab and Euro-Med Regional Integration
This book examines the dynamics of open regionalism, the expansion of domestic markets from increased FDI and monetary stability, and the optimal mix of regional trade agreements.
    06 July 2001 Click to Access:  Policies to Promote Competitiveness in Manufacturing in Sub-Saharan Africa
Primary commodities dominate African exports, yet these products are extremely vulnerable to variations in weather conditions, world demand and prices. If the continent is to obtain optimum benefit from the integration and opening of the world ...
    05 Mar 2001 Click to Access:  Foreign Direct Investment versus other Flows to Latin America
Proceedings of the 11th International Forum on latin American Perspectives, which discussed the desirability of foreign direct investment over other flows, such as bank lending.
    06 Nov 2000 Click to Access:  Sustainable Recovery in Asia
OECD, Asian Development Bank
Two-thirds of the world's poor live in Asia. The major objective for the region, therefore, must be to reduce poverty. It has become clear in the wake of the crisis that the public sector can no longer shoulder the burden of financing pro-poor ...
    28 June 2000 Click to Access:  Achieving Financial Stability in Asia
OECD, Asian Development Bank
Achieving Financial Stability in Asia sets out to identify the elements which could restore confidence to the countries of the region and stabilise financial flows on a global basis. Thus, measures must be taken which include improving public and ...
    16 May 2000 Click to Access:  Reform and Growth in Africa
What qualifies an economy as "emerging"? The answers provided in this book lead to a fresh conception of the diversity of the African continent. Thus, growth dynamics cannot simply be measured in economic terms. Indicators must also include ...
    09 Mar 2000 Click to Access:  Global Finance from a Latin American Viewpoint
The Inter-American Development Bank and the OECD Development Centre created the International Forum on Latin American Perspectives as an annual meeting place of ideas and strategies from Latin America and from the OECD region. The tenth meeting of ...
    26 Jan 2000 Click to Access:  Waging the Global War on Poverty
Eradicating poverty has long been one of the priorities of development co-operation. Yet, despite undoubted progress towards this goal, the strategies adopted at the international and national levels remain controversial. Poverty reduction is a ...
    22 Apr 1999 Click to Access:  Fiscal Decentralisation in Emerging Economies
This collection of experiences of fiscal decentralisation across a wide range of OECD-Member and non-member economies reveals lessons which are equally of relevance to both groups of countries.
    16 Mar 1999 Click to Access:  Financial Liberalisation in Asia
OECD, Asian Development Bank
Rapid globalisation has brought substantial benefits to developing Asia, but it has also heightened the risks associated with policy mistakes, weak financial institutions, and problems in corporate and public governance. The 1997 Asian crisis has ...
    22 Jan 1999 Click to Access:  Growth and Competition in the New Global Economy
This publication offers a stimulating, well-informed tour of the issues which policy makers will have to resolve if the integration of the NEEs into the world economy is to be facilitated
    06 Sep 1998 Click to Access:  Different Paths to a Market Economy: China and European Economies in Transition
The similarities and differences between the transition experiences of the Central European countries and the People's Republic of China are often, wrongly, taken as alternative approaches to the same problem. In reality, there is great complexity ...
    17 July 1998 Click to Access:  Conflict Management in Africa
This volume considers the options available to donors in the effort to prevent conflict and enhance prospects for peaceful social, economic and political development.
    27 Mar 1998 Click to Access:  The Future of Asia in the World Economy
OECD, Asian Development Bank
Based on scenarios produced by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the OECD Development Centre, the authors of this report consider ways in which long-term Asian growth can be consolidated to the benefit of the global economy as a whole.
    09 Mar 1998 Click to Access:  Democracy, Decentralisation and Deficits in Latin America
What is the impact of political decentralisation in Latin America? This book considers the problems raised by political decentralisation in the region and identifies the challenges ahead. Political decentralisation tends to devolve a certain amount ...
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