OECD International Development Statistics

2074-4161 (online)
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The international development statistics provide comprehensive data on the volume, origin and types of foreign aid and other resource flows from donor countries to recipient countries. It also provides comparative data on gender equality.

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Keywords: ODA, International Development, statistics, aid

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  • Expand / Collapse Creditor Reporting System

    The objective of the CRS Aid Activity database is to provide a set of readily available basic data that enables analysis on where aid goes, what purposes it serves and what policies it aims to implement, on a comparable basis for all DAC members....
    • Aid activities
      This dataset comprises statistics on creditor report system with a core focus on aid activities. The table examines aid activities in terms of flows, recipient, region, income group, sector, policy objective, type of aid, rio markers, channel ...
    • Aid activities targeting gender equality
      This dataset contains commitment data (since 2002) and disbursement data (since 2009) on aid in support of gender equality from the Creditor Reporting System (CRS) database.
    • Use of the multilateral system
      This dataset presents OECD DAC members' total use of the multilateral system. This includes both their multilateral aid ("Core contributions to") and bilateral aid channelled through ("Contributions through") multilateral organisations.
  • Expand / Collapse Geographical distribution of financial flows

    • Deflators
      This comparative table includes statistics on geographical distribution of financial flows with a focus on deflators comprising the effect of exchange rate changes which pertain both to resource flows for individual DAC Members as well as Total DAC ...
    • Flows to developing countries
      This subset of the geographical distribution of financial flow dataset provides comprehensive statistics on the volume, origin and types of aid(portfolio investment, ODA loans, ODA grants,contractual lending, food aid) and other resource flows to ...
    • Indicators
    • Bilateral ODA commitments by sector
      This comparative table is a subset of the geographical distribution of financial flow dataset which pertains to the sectoral distribution of bilateral ODA commitments. The distribution refers to the economic sector of destination (i.e. the specific ...
  • Expand / Collapse Detailed aid statistics

    • Official and private flows
      This dataset comprises statistics on official and private flows in terms of disbursements and commitments and includes aggregate data (no breakdown by recipient) on ODA, OOF, private and NGO data by donor, type of aid and flow. The data covers flows ...
    • ODA Official development assistance: disbursements
      This dataset comprises statistics on destination of Official Development Assistance while focusing on disbursements. These disbursements are analyzed by looking at the recipients, donors, aid type (ODA loans, grants, debt relief, capital ...
    • Other official flows OOF
      This comparative table includes statistics on other official flows which are official sector transactions which do not meet the ODA criteria, e.g.: i.) Grants to developing countries for representational or essentially commercial purposes; ii ...
    • ODA commitments
      This dataset comprises statistics on ODA commitments which are firms written obligation by government or official agency, backed by the appropriation or availability of the necessary funds, to provide resources of a specified amount under specified ...
    • Private flows
      This subset of the detailed aid statistics focuses on private flows which consist of private transactions undertaken by firms and individuals resident in the reporting country. The core variable is further analyzed with the following dimensions ...
    • Official bilateral commitments by sector
      This dataset includes statistics on official bilateral commitments by sector (or gross disbursement). Data are available from 1967 onwards.
    • Tying status of bilateral ODA
      This dataset comprises statistics on the tying status (directly financing imports,tied aid under ICB, disbursement under ICB) of bilateral ODA commitments analyzed by aid type (loans, grants, project assistance) and donor countries. Data is ...
    • Reference Indicators
      This dataset provides statistics on main relevant indicators pertaining to international aid.Indicators such as population, GNI, energy use, GNI per capita, average life expectancy, adult literacy rate are included while comparing those in terms of ...
    • Total official development financing ODF
      This comparative table includes statistics on Official Development Financing (ODF), measured for recipient countries only which is defined as the sum of their receipts of bilateral ODA, concessional and non-concessional resources from multilateral ...
    • Total official flows
      This comparative table pertains to total official flows which represent the sum of Official Development Assistance (ODA) and Other Official Flows (OOF) corresponding to the total (gross or net) disbursements by the official sector at large to the ...
    • Total receipts
      This dataset provides statistics on net total receipts which includes Official Development Assistance other official bilateral transaction that are not concessional which are in fact primarily trade facilitating in character (i.e., ‘Other Official ...
  • Country Programmable Aid (CPA)

    CPA is the proportion of aid that is subjected to multi-year programming at country level, and hence represent a subset of ODA outflows.
  • Gender, Institutions and Development (Edition 2014)

    The Gender, Institutions and Development 2014 Data Base presents comparative data on gender equality. It has been compiled from secondary sources such as Gender Stats and the Human Development Report as well as from in-depth reviews of country case ...
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